Configuring BAM Tools on W2K8 R2

October 8, 2010

Having difficultly configuring BAM Tools on W2K8 R2? Ben Cline shows us the way.


PowerShell: List all installed hotfixes & list all installed applications

October 8, 2010

Two quick PowerShell one liners.

This PowerShell one line script will output a list of installed hotfixes:

gwmi -Query "Select * from Win32_QuickFixEngineering" -ComputerName <ComputerName>| `
Sort-Object -Property  HotFixID| `
Format-List HotFixID, Description, Caption | `
Out-File c:\<ComputerName>.InstalledHotFixes.txt

This PowerShell one line script will output a difinitive list installed via Windows Installer (MSI):

gwmi win32_product -computername <ComputerName> | `
Sort-Object -Property InstallDate | `
Format-Table Name,Version | `
Out-File c:\<ComputerName>.InstalledProducts.txt


Sysprep your BizTalk development machine(s)

October 6, 2010

Sysprep creates a snapshot of a virtual machine with BizTalk Server 2009 installed for quick deployment on other virtual machines.

This virtual machine can be redeployed, reconfigured and shared amongst your development team.

Detailed instructions can be found here.