GOTCHA! Database Lookup Functoid Connection String

Using a Database Lookup Function can be useful in certain situations where you are required to retrieve a record set from a Database. Configuring this functoid with your map is as easy as providing the following input parameters:

  1. Value:
    A value for which to search in the specified database, table, and column.
  2. Connection string:
    An ActiveX Data Objects .NET (ADO.NET) connection string for a compliant data source in which to search. ODBC data sources (including DSN sources) are not supported. You can reference an OLE DB Universal Data Link file to specify the connection string by using the File Name parameter to specify the full path and file name of the UDL file that contains the connection string information.
  3. Table name:
    The name of the table in the database in which to search.
  4. Column name:
    The name of the column in the table in which to search.

One important piece of information to be mindful of is that the connection string is for an OLE DB connection, and as such can not be shared with helper classes which may use the .NET data provider for SQL Server.


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