SharePoint content migration using Stsadm.exe

Following on from a previous post, this post will focus on the Windows SharePoint Services administrative application or stsadm.exe.

Stsadm.exe provides an easy way to migrate the contents of one Windows SharePoint Services site collection to another by using basic export and import operations. However, although this method is easy and simple to execute, there are are certain limitations:

  • Stsadm supports moving only entire Web sites ( SPWeb instances). You are not able to export selected items or lists.
  • You cannot retain object globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) when you migrate site objects. New identifiers are added at the migration target.
  • You can experience problems if you rerun Stsadm on site content that has already been imported. If that occurs, all list items that are not document libraries are duplicated on the target site.
  • You are limited in what parameters you can use as part of your import/export process, and as such have less control of these operations when compared to the SharePoint migration object mode (Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment).

For more information on how to use this application see MSDN.


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