Stsadm.exe – access denied

When trying to use The Windows SharePoint Services administrative application Stsadm.exe to perform some tasks on a local WSS instance I received the following error:


I was trying to use this application using the same system account as used in the application pool configured for my SharePoint site (as suggested in this post.)

Drilling down into this problem in the System Event logs revealed the source of this problem: permission errors when attempting to execute a com server application (A related error & solution has been posted on the Microsoft support site here. This surfaced in the system event log as a series of DCOM errors every time I tried to execute the stsadm.exe tool.


Opening one of these errors explained the problem.


Following this problem into the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\CLSID value (where the CLSID value is the CLSID reported in the error details above) let me to the application that was failing when attempting to launch remotely: the IIS Admin Service.

The solution for this was to:

  • add the account to the local administrators group
  • grant the account sufficient permissions to launch the program using Component Services > DCOM Config > IIS Admin Service > Launch & Activation Permissions. Component services can be launched by typing dcomcnfg into the run dialog.
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