Configuring the MQSeries MQSC adapter

I recently had a requirement to receive and send data to an IBM WebSphere MQ server using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2.

There are two ways of achieving this:

  • Using the MQS adapter.
  • Using the MQSC adapter (client based).

In this case I was required to use the MQSC adapter as we were trying to connect to a non windows hosted MQ Series server. This post outlines what required to get communication happening (from the BizTalk Server side.)

Microsoft Host Integration Server

Microsoft Host Integration Server (HIS) is a gateway application providing connectivity between between Microsoft Windows networks and IBM mainframe and AS/400 systems. Support is also provided for advanced integration with Windows networks and software, such as linking Microsoft Message Queuing applications to IBM WebSphere MQ, binding Microsoft DTC transactions with CICS, and cross-protocol access to DB2 databases on IBM platforms.

The MQSC Adapter is not available as part of a standard BizTalk Server 2006 R2 install. This adapter is included as part of Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006 (HIS).

MQSC Client For WebSphere MQ

The MQSC Client for WebSphere MQ allows the use of MQSC commands either directly connected to a queue manager, or via a client connection to the queue manager. It also provides a number of formatting options for the display of the results to the commands.

The MQSC Client for WebSphere MQ is required as a pre-requisite when using the Microsoft Host Integration Server MQSC adapter.

1. Downloading pre-requsities

  • Download Host Integration Server 2006 (This can be located within MSDN subscriber dowloads).
  • Download MQSC Client for WebSphere MQ. (This can be located from the IBM website Here. For our installation purpose, I downloaded and used version “ Clients”.

2. Installation

Installation of the MQSC Client for WebSphere MQ is simple. When installing choose the default setup suggestions.

When installing the Host Integration Server 2006, the only component required to be installed is the WebSphere MQ (Client Based) BizTalk adapter for host systems.


This adapter connects BizTalk Server 2006 to remote MQSeries Queue Managers, using the WebSphere MQ Base Client (non-transactional) or WebSphere MQ Transactional Extended Client APIs.

3. Configuration

To configure your MQSC adapter receive/send ports you must supply the following information:

  • Chanel name
  • Connection name
  • Queue
  • Queue Manager

This configuration can be entered in the send/receive adapter configuration screen:

MQSC adapter receive location configuration

MQSC adapter receive location configuration

MQSC send port configuration

MQSC send port configuration


When originally configuring the MQSC I experienced the following error:

The adapter “MQSC” raised an error message. Details “The specified module could
not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) A dependency could not be
found. Refer to product documentation for information on MQSC Adapter software
prerequisites.”.For more information, see Help and Support Center at

This error is experienced when you are running an incompatible version of the MQSC Client for WebSphere MQ. Ensure you have installed a version of the MQSC client with a fix pack of or higher.


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