Hello world!

Welcome to the Man Vs. Machine blog.

Who Am I?

My name is Jason Chin. I have had a fascination with computers and technology since the 80’s where I first experienced using a computer. Thanks to our family’s first computer, an Apple IIe, I was exposed to many computer based concepts which are still around today. That was over 20 years ago, and now I have found that my interest in computers back then has become a profession in technology today.

Why do i blog?

This blog aims to serve all people with the aim of increasing our collective understanding of some of the software and technology that helps automate our lives.

In general the subject matter included within will mostly contain information on: programming, software, patterns & practices, software development resources, project planning, general information and personal revelations.

More specifically there will be initial discussions on topics including: Microsoft development and server products (Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team System, .Net Framework, ASP.NET, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, Windows Azure, .Net Services, SharePoint Server & InfoPath) and any other technological news that is found to be of interest.

The Man Vs. Machine blog hopes to find the middle ground that exists between man and machine and expose all that brings us closer to this place.

Why Man Vs. Machine?

We all have struggled with computers and software from time to time. At times it seems that the simplest of tasks are impossible. We are in state of flux with the machines that serve us.

We are: Man Vs. Machine.

Come by often or subscribe to receive updates from the front line.


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